I’ll Have My Cake and Eat It

Will there be an increase in syncretism, that is affiliations with religions which express belief in a number of existing religions rather than specific or traditional ones?


Bet Description

Betfair-Metaphysical.com lets you play the 2021 Census in England and Wales (E&W).  All bets relate to the ‘What is Your Religion?’ question on the census. A census happens every ten years and Census Day 2021 is Sunday March 21, 2021. The Census is run by the Office for National Statistics and is administered to 20 million households. More details can be found at https://census.gov.uk/.

Syncretic religions are those that see value in a variety of existing belief systems and are happy to pick and choose elements of each. They typically do not worry about the inherent contradictions associated with the underlying belief systems. Will there be an increase in affiliations to such belief systems in 2021?

Decision Logic

This bet will be resolved upon publication by the Office for National Statistics or the British Religion in Numbers Department of the University of Manchester, of analysis which shows a comparison between these affiliations on a comparable basis such as the BRIN paper:

Religious Census 2011 – What happened to the Christians? (Part II) | British Religion in Numbers

In the event of any dispute or non-publication, Betfiar-Metaphysical will seek clarification from BRIN.

For the purposes of this bet the Religions which are defined as beling syncretic are:

Baha’i, Believe in God, Church of All Religion, Mysticism, New Age, Spiritual, Unitarian Universalist and Universalism.